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212 South Armenia Avenue, Tampa FL 33609 | Phone: 813.259.9191 | hair@salonsassin.com


We believe that perfect beauty is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle.

That's why we never mass produce but always tailor the look: Considering the individual's unique features and needs when conceiving their cut and color.

We never concoct styles that just wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day.

Realising perfect beauty - individual and practical - is our goal.

This is  Salon Sassin. This is Hair Design.

SALON SASSIN brings 35 years experience

Voted best salon and featured on national television on The Learning Channel “A Makeover Story” and ABC’s 20/20.

World Champion accumulating over 100 world-class awards and metals.



Elite World Champion Salon, Global Platform Artists, Design and Color Certified Stylists.

 SALON SASSIN emerged with two of the hottest and most determined stylists .  These determined, talented and well spoken hairdressers spent their early career years training, competing and teaching on platforms, and hair championships throughout the world. 

They achieved the highest award of World Champion and has accumulated over 100 world-class awards and metals.  

 SALON SASSIN brings 35 years experience, commitment to excellence and never-ending talent to the forefront in 2014. 

Guests are assured the ultimate experience in cut and color design, complimented with attention to detail and personalized service.  

They led large teams of stylists through this advanced education apprentice programs and education seminars and shows throughout the world. 

 SALON SASSIN has been published in high fashion magazines (i.e. Passion Magazine, Tampa Tribune, Upscale Modern Salon, American Salon), voted best salon and featured on national television on The Learning Channel “A Makeover Story” and ABC’s 20/20.  

We accept cash, or the following credit cards:

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Gift packages available!

Tuesdays and Fridays
8am - 5pm
Wednesdays and Thursdays
11am - 8pm
10am - 6pm

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SALON SASSIN* 212 South Armenia Avenue * * USA * 33609 Phone: 813-259-9191

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